Clean and Green Energy

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Since 2010 JML Electric has been installing Solar Carports to complement our Electric Vehicle and Vehicle Charging projects. We have been suppliers and installers for some of the first Solar Carports in Ontario, with some of our sites delivering up to 20kw/per hour of clean energy back to the grid.

Below is a time-lapse video of our large site in Toronto over a five-day build. Turn up your speakers and enjoy the short video. JML will also build a new site or service an existing solar installation, Aerial Drone Inspection, remove and replace existing solar panels or upgrade.

Call JML for

  • Residential/ commercial solar
  • Service and testing of existing systems
  • Modifications and updating of inverters
  • Module replacement or wiring repair
  • Rodent screening installed
  • 4k aerial drone inspections are available
  • Design and build of new sites

Building a New Solar Car Port